Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Engineering Solutions

Ridgetop MRO Solutions for You

Aerospace_Helicopter_medWe recognize the need for thorough maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) engineering solutions to provide timely identification of maintenance issues and efficient inventory management as aircraft age and electronic and electromechanical systems wear out. In addition, the industry needs efficient MRO solutions for newer, more demanding systems requiring less frequent, but complex services. Ridgetop offers exclusive MRO solutions to support MRO service centers and their customers.

As part of our engineering services, we provide high-level technology and tools supporting MRO success, with our technology addressing the growing need for new techniques and tools that provide higher quality and more effective MRO services.

How Ridgetop Can Help You

markets-defense01With over 16 years experience delivering new technologies to system integrators, OEMs and government agencies, we have been able to identify and solve key challenges in a variety of electrical and electronic systems. Our technology reduces the frequency of No Fault Found (NFF) and Could Not Duplicate (CND) conditions, improving overall reliability and robustness while saving customers life-time maintenance costs, reducing equipment downtime and minimizing critical mission failure.

  • Advanced Electronic Prognostics: We provide the latest in electronic prognostics and health management (PHM) solutions.
  • Domain Experience: Our highly trained engineering team has expertise in designing tailored solutions for complex systems.
  • Built-in Self Test (BIST) Expertise: We provide accurate and reliable BIST solutions for critical applications to major OEMs.
  • Physics of Failure: We have a deep knowledge of failure for electronics.

Continued Benefits and Solutions

Our MRO solutions and skilled engineering team can provide valuable benefits to your operations through:

  • IC design at RidgetopTools for providing fast identification and isolation of faults
  • A technical team experienced in solving complex diagnostic and prognostic issues
  • Cost-efficient solutions for increasing reliability
  • Condition-based maintenance (CBM) solutions to reduce downtime and improve mission availability
  • Seamless integration with the USAF’s Versatile Deport Automatic Test Station (VDATS) platform
  • Proven supplier of prognostics, diagnostics, troubleshooting and anomaly detection

Exclusive MRO Offerings

Our broad range of expertise in identifying the root cause of problems based on electrical and mechanical symptoms have been leveraged into our developed technologies that support effective and efficient MRO services. Some of these innovative products include:

The Sentinel Suite family of products that offer several lines of sensors, reasoners and visualization software tools for advanced diagnostics and prognostics that minimize maintenance costs. Sentinel Suite includes:

In addition to the rich set of tools available within Sentinel Suite, Ridgetop also offers:

  • NightHawk NFF Reduction Software Tool — The troubleshooting standard for finding soft faults through a complex algorithmic structure that allows for the identification and isolation of faults that otherwise go unidentified through conventional TPS, reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) of ‘bad actors’ in avionics and other electrical systems.
  • Engineering Services — Ridgetop offers customized services to address specific maintenance depots’ needs.
  • Testing — Expert design analysis and testing services to identify physics of failure and root-cause analysis.
  • Reporting and Analytics — Prediction methodologies and impending failure alerts support the maintenance decision-making process.