Ridgetop Products

Ridgetop’s leading-edge, solution-based products support a wide range of designs for harsh environments or critical applications. Our customers include major aerospace system builders, telecommunication firms, imaging system manufacturers, semiconductor foundries, and consumer electronics.

Advanced Diagnostics & Prognostics

Prognostics, which can be defined as predictive diagnostics, enables advanced methods of supporting condition-based maintenance (CBM) and overall integrated vehicle health management (IVHM) systems. Ridgetop’s approach is based on extraction of “signatures” that precede failure of the system. This is referred to as the fault-to-failure progression. Applying prognostic methods, there can be sufficient time to take mitigating actions to ensure continued operation of the system.

In electronic-based systems, there are five levels where degradation can occur in the system, any one of which can lead to failure (see graphic).

Ridgetop's five levels of electronic health solutions

Ridgetop’s five levels of electronic health solutions

Ridgetop provides innovative products and services to assist at each level of integration. Here’s a sample of what we offer:

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Ridgetop’s semiconductor products encompass a wide range of designs for harsh environments and critical applications, including space, high-energy physics experiments, aircraft, sensitive imaging systems, and consumer electronics. Ridgetop specializes in the design of high performance analog/mixed-signal electronics, and the application of radiation hardening expertise for ICs used in space satellites. Ridgetop also provides test and measurement tools to help our customers improve the quality and reliability of the integrated circuits that they create.


Ridgetop 14 bit, 40 MSPS ADC in 90 nm CMOS technology

Ridgetop’s families of semiconductor products and services include:

  • nanoDFM™ for process-aware design, including PDKChek™ and YieldMaxx
  • InstaCell™ library of analog/mixed signal design intellectual property (IP) blocks, including a range of conventional and radiation-hardened data converters
  • ProChek™ semiconductor characterization system, for reliability and quality analysis of modern fabrication processes
  • Sentinel Silicon™ library of precision die-level canaries cells for monitoring IC wear-out due to several degradation factors and radiation damage

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Precision Instruments

Ridgetop has developed some of the most innovative systems to address difficult measurement applications. Our instruments are being used  at over 75 companies around the world, and are cover aerospace, transportation, semiconductor, communications, and consumer products.

IMG_1444_ProChek box-nothing on topOur products include:

  • ProChek™ semiconductor characterization system, for reliability and quality analysis of modern fabrication processes
  • CPT1000™, a hand-held avionics power system test and troubleshooting system
  • ETRS™ (Expert Troubleshooting and Repair System) for improving the quality and fault coverage of automated testing of digital and mixed signal circuit boards

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Radiation can degrade sensitive electronics  through accelerated aging, causing intermittencies, subtle performance problems, and eventual wear-out. Radiation can also create sufficient damage that failure occurs immediately. Ridgetop has developed radiation-hardened circuitry to mitigate these problems in critical applications, employing both rad-hard by design (RHBD) and rad-hard by process (RHBP) techniques. Ridgetop also provides tools to assess the radiation tolerance of semiconductor devices, and in situ “canary” cells to warn of impending failure due to radiation.

Ridgetop rad-hard-related products and services include:

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Design Services

Ridgetop has a staff of experienced engineers dedicated to solving difficult challenges on behalf of our customers. Our expertise extends to:

Semiconductor and IC Design

Ridgetop has delivered designs using various electronic design automation (EDA) too flows (e.g., Cadence, Mentor, Silvaco, Tanner). Ridgetop also has a line of pre-designed and characterized IP blocks called InstaCell™ that can be used as-is or customized to accelerate the time-to-market for your systems. Examples include precision bandgap references, op-amps, comparators, ADCs, DACs and test structures.

Ridgetop has also developed IC-level IP for rad-hard applications for the U.S. Government (e.g., NASA, Air Force, Department of Energy) and commercial companies. We use by rad-hard by design (RHBD) and rad-hard by process (RHBP) techniques to meet radiation hardness goals.

PCB Board-Level Design

Ridgetop has provided board-level designs for its customers, including laser rangefinder components, and data memory modules (DMM) that are DO-178B compliant for commercial aerospace firms.

Test System Load Boards, ATE Programming, and Defect Analysis

Ridgetop Europe has extensive ATE experience in precision current measurement applications, including Iddq, as well as ATE system programming and customer test fixture design and development. Installations have been made at over 70 semiconductor firms worldwide.

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