Advanced Diagnostics and Prognostics

Ridgetop excels in providing its customers with advanced diagnostic and prognostic solutions for critical applications. Ridgetop relies upon evidence of degradation through its background in physics-of-failure technologies. By extracting a distinct signature that precedes a failure, a meaningful and accurate indication of impending failure can be determined. Other issues of prognostics involve on-board vs. off-board implementations, and linkages with the Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) to optimize the placement of spare parts in key areas to support deployed equipment.

The Benefits from Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM)

A good way to look at the benefits of prognostics is to review the figure below.

Figure 1. CBM – also referred to as integrated vehicle health management (IVHM) and PHM

CBM – also referred to as integrated vehicle health management (IVHM) and PHM

Identical systems may age and degrade differently in the field, depending on whether they have been stressed and subtle differences in their original manufacture. CBM is designed to allow the system to tell you its health, rather than basing your maintenance events solely on a schedule derived from statistics or an idealized model.

A Prognostics Development Walkthrough

Figure 2. Prognostics Development Process

Prognostics development process

The following process should be followed when designing and implementing a prognostics-enabled system:

  • Key failures are detected and ranked.
  • Precursor signatures or multivariate inputs are extracted using prognostics & health management (PHM) software tool such as Sentinel Suite™.
  • Historic and trending data are used to fine-tune the analysis.
  • Prognostic metrics are generated, such as current state-of-health (SoH) and remaining useful life (RUL).

PHM and Support Ecosystem

The Ridgetop tools can also be linked into a holistic ecosystem, as shown below.

00494g PHM Value Proposition_ecosystem_rfs4

PHM Value Proposition

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