Ridgetop Sensors

Ridgetop specializes in the development of prognostic methods that are used to improve the reliability of deployed systems by analyzing components that have high failure rates and critical impact on performance.

Detectors, or sensors, monitor these systems and help isolate failure precursors that indicate when the high-failure rate components are degrading toward failure. By knowing the progression of failure dynamics for a monitored device, an accurate prediction of remaining useful life (RUL) can be made and an appropriate evidence-based maintenance action, such as removing and replacing the device, can be initiated to reduce the cost of unscheduled maintenance.These sensors form an important part of the various prognostic and health management (PHM) product lines that comprise Sentinel Suite.

Ridgetop has developed customized sensor technologies that allow to collect data and monitor systems for several applications:

rotosense with quarter2


improved smrt probe 4000 photo_captured

SMRT Probe 4000

SJ BIST demo_eval kit

SJ BIST Demonstration and Evaluation Kit

Ridgetop’s prognostic tools such as ARULE work not only with Ridgetop’s sensors but with other off-the-shelf or customized sensors as well. Generally a data conditioning software module is required to prepare the sensor data for processing by ARULE.

Sentinel IT™, another product line in Sentinel Suite family, manages networks of prognostic-enabled nodes.

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