Sentinel IoT Wireless Sensor Data Transmitter

The Sentinel IoT Wireless Sensor Solution

rotosensehubandhelirotorridgegatorpicRidegtop’s Sentinel IoT Wireless Sensor is a versatile, low-power sensor that can be used in lab, industrial and factory automation sectors, along with providing flexible configurations. It is designed to fit into small enclosures due to its small footprint and, recently, supporters of the Sentinel IoT Wireless Sensor have adopted it for helicopter gear box monitoring, composite material monitoring and railroad stock installations.

Features and Benefits

  • Ridgetop IoT-enabled Structural Health Monitoring Transmission tool for real-time measurement and control
  • Versatile — Can be used in lab, industrial and factory automation applications
  • Eliminates bulky cables through Internet of Things (IoT) wireless communication
  • When combined with a sensor, wach sensor receives its own unique IP address
  • Provides flexible configurations

Sentinel Suite Providing Answers Wirelessly

sentineliotwirelessnodeThe Sentinel IoT Wireless Sensor provides a means to stream readings to the Sentinel Gateway, the Ridgetop device that provides a path to the Internet and cloud-based applications.

sentinel-gateway-picWith seamless communication, a proficient and optimum prognostic, transmission and storing system is added to the Sentinel Suite tool set.

Sentinel Suite provides functionality to analyze the incoming data streams streams, and apply sophisticated anomaly detection algorithms to detect abnormal operating behavior of the monitored asset.


What Sentinel IoT Can Do For You


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