Sentinel IT™ – Network Health Management (NHM) Tools

Sentinel  IT is  a  product  line  that  provides  solutions  for  improving  IT network  reliability and network health management (NHM). It is part of the Sentinel Suite family of prognostic and health management (PHM) solutions. Sentinel IT comprises two main components: Sentinel Network™, including Sentinel Dashboard for display of network resources and prognostic events, and a rack-mountable hardware server.

Sentinel Network CPU warning alert

Sentinel Network CPU warning alert – click to enlarge

Sentinel IT modules are compatible with the other members of the Sentinel Suite family, Sentinel Power, Sentinel Motion, and Sentinel Interconnect, with Sentinel Network able to monitor and provide actionable data from the hardware sensors and software tools that are part of those other product lines.

Networking Hardware

Sentinel IT Server

Sentinel IT Server – click to enlarge

The Sentinel IT server is a rack-mountable device that provides remote monitoring through its web application. It enables efficient network management through the real-time monitoring of a network with the Sentinel Dashboard graphical display software.


Sentinel Dashboard™: Sentinel Dashboard is a visualization tool that provides alerts of unexpected events in the network, and provides reporting on health of network devices to support network maintenance activities, It incorporates troubleshooting capabilities for network management devices


Sentinel IT provides  a  comprehensive  set  of features, including UPS health monitoring and switch troubleshooting, allowing an easier and more efficient management of the network, including advanced “Industrial Internet” and “Internet of Things” (IoT) applications.

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