Sentinel Motion™ – Diagnostic and Prognostic Tools for Vibrating/Moving Systems


Sentinel  Motion  is  a  product  line  that  includes wireless vibration and motion signature monitoring sensors, prognostic reasoners, and a visualization tool. It is part of the Sentinel Suite family of prognostic and health management (PHM) solutions.

Rotating and vibrating components wear out. These components may be difficult to access and thus very expensive to service. Yet they are integral to the functioning of complex electromechanical systems and must be carefully maintained lest the system as a whole fails. Preventive maintenance performed on a regular schedule is common, but can be needless if the components in question are still healthy with substantial remaining life and so do not actually require servicing. With Sentinel Motion, the system itself can give you an indication of its current condition, to help you determine what to service and when, so you can keep your equipment running at optimal health while minimizing system downtime and avoiding catastrophic failures.

Sensors and Other Hardware

Ridgetop Wireless Vibration Sensor V2 ROTOSENSE-compressedRotoSense: RotoSense is a wireless sensor enabling easy extraction of high-resolution signatures from rotating or vibrating components. It is a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)-based sensor that measures motion in three dimensions. It can be mounted on a rotating shaft (e.g., on a pinion gear) or tangentially (e.g., on a planetary gear).


Sentinel Gateway™: Sentinel Gateway is a hub used to communicate with wireless sensors from Ridgetop or other sensor providers. It supports the IEEE 801.15.4 wireless communication protocol and can communicate with as many as eight RotoSense sensors at a time.

PHM Application Software

RotoSense Data Conditioner™: For prognostic applications, the RotoSense Data Conditioner prepares data from RotoSense to get it ready for further processing by ARULE. Other motion sensors may be also be supported with an appropriate data conditioner.

ARULE™: Ridgetop’s patented Adaptive Remaining Useful LIfe Estimator™ (ARULE) calculates a system’s state of health (SoH) and remaining useful life (RUL). It accepts waveform data from the RotoSense Data Conditioner, or data from a customized Sentinel Motion data conditioner for other suitable motion sensors.


Sentinel MotionView™: Sentinel MotionView is a visualization tool to display data collected by the sensor and to monitor changes in performance.


Sentinel Motion is ideal for many applications, including:

  • Sensing tool wear, chatter, or spindle balance in CNC machines
  • Real-time down-hole vibration monitoring in oil and gas exploration
  • Vibrational signatures in rotating shafts
  • Detection of train wheel track condition and other anomalies
  • Gearbox monitoring in helicopters
  • Wind turbine monitoring

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