Precision Instruments for Qualification and Test

Ridgetop specializes in providing useful information about the condition of sensitive electronic components and systems. We provide off-the-shelf external instrumentation and customizable embedded monitors that can provide you with actionable data for real-time or post-processing applications.

Our test instrumentation line includes:


Q-Star Test QD-1011

Q-Star Test™ Precision Current Measurement Modules. Ridgetop Europe’s Q-Star Test static/quiescent current measurement instruments ( Iddq or Issq modules ) serve a wide range of current measurement applications such as:

  • Standard and advanced Iddq and/or Issq tests
  • Standby current measurements; power-down current measurements
  • Bias current measurements
  • Average current measurements
  • Analog DC and low frequency current measurements

Q-Star Test dynamic current measurement instruments( Iddt modules) serve a wide range of active current measurement applications, including:

  • Dynamic and transient(Iddt) current tests
  • Power profiling of circuits and systems
  • Active current consumptio
  • E-fuse programming validation

This line of precision current measurement instruments has been adopted world-wide by over 70 firms involved in characterization and manufacturing of ICs across a broad range of electronics applications. A wide array of product capabilities and design services are available.For more information on Q-Star Test products, please click here.

IMG_1444_ProChek box-nothing on top

ProChek platform

ProChek™ Semiconductor  Process Characterization System. This compact, precision system extracts semiconductor parameters from deep submicron parameters faster and more cost-effectively than other methods. Process parameters include TDDB, HCI, stress migration, NBTI, PBTI and others. ProChek can work with your existing wafer-level reliability (WLR) and package-level reliability (PLR) test structures, or you can further accelerate the characterization process by using a ProChek Test Coupon. Please click here for more information.

ProChek Plus: All the Benefits of ProChek with Increased Functionality

ProChek Plus: All the Benefits of ProChek with Increased Functionality

ProChek™ Plus. Belonging to the ProChek family of innovative, high performing and low-costing platform precision measurement systems that efficiently characterizes integrated circuit intrinsic process reliability and device quality, ProChek Plus is a configurable, multi-channel, flexible and dedicated semiconductor qualification and reliability characterization system that easily interfaces with a variety of test structures such as single devices, wafer-level test structures, and dedicated test chips, accelerating the testing of semiconductor devices in volume. This platform provides an ultra-low-noise, high fidelity section and base unit section, the former housing 8-plug in slots, with each capable of holding instrument modules that can have up to 4 independently operating channels, providing room for up to 32 instrument or Source-Measurement Units (SMU) channels. The base section holds the system’s power management and distribution circuitry, has a plug-in slot for the system’s Master Control and Communications unit (MCCU), and has an additional 4 slots, each capable of holding plug-in units that can have up to 4 independently operating channels, providing room for an additional 16 instrument or SMU channels. Find out more about ProChek Plus‘s available modules here.



CPT1000™ Avionics Troubleshooting System. This handheld device provides signal monitoring, cable testing, and stimulus-and-response testing for avionic power systems. The tester comes with two 37-pin connectors for different types of power supplies and cable testing. Ridgetop offers optional connector adapters to meet customers’ needs. For more information on CPT1000, please click here.


ETRS User Interface

Expert Troubleshooting and Repair System™ (ETRS™). ETRS is a set of tools to dramatically reduce the incidence rate of “no fault found” conditions when test circuit card assemblies (CCAs) on automated test equipment (ATE). It is deployed on the Air Force’s Versatile Depot Automated Test System (VDATS) and can be applied to other ATE platforms. For more information on ETRS, please click here.

Ridgetop has developed a varied and unique line of embedded instruments for different types of electronics applications. Our in situ monitors include:

  • nanDFM. nanoDFM™ comprises a library of die-level process monitors (DLPMs) and a software visualization tool. nanoDFM includes:
    • PDKChek™. PDKChek is a set of in-situ, die-level process monitors that allows engineers to examine on-chip mismatches that can limit IC yield. PDKChek measures threshold voltage (VT), on-current, resistance, and capacitance variations. For more information on PDKChek click here.
    • YieldMaxx™. YieldMaxx is a wafer mapping visualization tool for easy identification of variances across dice, wafers, and lots. For more information on YieldMaxx, click here.
  • SJ BIST™. SJ BIST is a synthesizable intellectual property (IP) test structure core for use with FPGAs, microprocessors, microcontrollers, and application-specific ICs (ASICs). With ball grid array (BGA) packages and other high-density packages having pin counts into the thousands, cracks and intermittencies can cause serious performance problems. SJ BIST detects the degradation of monitored FPGA solder balls. This is an especially useful core that has been purchased by organizations including NASA, and leading automotive and aerospace firms. For more information on SJ BIST, click here
  • TSV BIST™. Like SJ BIST, TSV BIST is for monitoring the integrity of electrical interconnects. TSV BIST is designed to inside an IC package so that chip-to-chip connections can be checked. With new high-density methods to stack chips inside a package, it is crucial to test for early signs of interconnection degradation and intermittencies, especially in high reliability applications. For more information on TSV BIST, click here.

We are available to apply our expertise to your custom design projects. For example, our customers have enjoyed:

  • Interfacing Q-Star Test instruments with large VLSI test system platforms from Teradyne, Credence/LTX, Advantest and others
  • Specialized current measurement applications such as with Transient Voltage Suppressors
  • Electronics for a hand-held laser/optical rangefinder

The Ridgetop Group experienced engineers are continually developing new and innovative methods of measuring physical parameters. We pride ourselves in our innovation, and welcome difficult measurement applications. For information on Design Services, please click here.