CPT1000™ Avionics Troubleshooting Tool

The CPT1000 is a reliable, high performance power system tester. The integrity of main terminals, cables, and power supplies is crucial in power systems. This tool effectively tests and finds faults in power supplies and cabling. The handheld device provides signal monitoring, cable testing, and stimulus-and-response testing. The tester comes with two 37-pin connectors for different types of power supplies and cable testing. Ridgetop offers optional connector adapters to meet customers’ needs.

CPT1000 Cable Power Test System

CPT1000 Cable Power Test System

Designed with both ease of use and high performance in mind, the CPT1000 can be set up, perform testing, and provide results in less than five minutes.

The CPT1000 has four test modes that can be selected as needed:

  • System test
  • Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) cable test
  • Host power test
  • Remote power supply (RPS) test

In addition to measuring numerous DC voltages, the CPT1000 measures 440 Hz three-phase 110 VAC power and analyzes the phase angles and voltages of each phase. The tester is also capable of identifying discontinuities and shorts in the MIDS cable set.


  • Power converters and inverters
  • Power supplies
  • Shielded cables
  • Cable connectors

For more information, see the CPT1000 Product Brief.

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