DC/DC Converters

Ultra-High Efficiency DC/DC Converter Circuit

DC-DC converter

Converter block diagram – IP block within dotted line; separate blocks (purple) also available as stand-alone IP

The Ridgetop DC-DC switching converter/power supply design meets demanding requirements for size, efficiency, and voltage range, and greatly exceeds the performance of similar commercial products.

Combined with modern CMOS processing technology, ultra-small form factors can now be achieved, while maintaining high efficiency by use of small-area switching transistors. Built-in battery monitoring features allow the equipment in which it is deployed to determine the strength of the battery and predict when wear-out might occur. Using an on-chip digital-to-analog converter (DAC), we can take in a digital word and compare this voltage with the output voltage. Then we can modulate the output pass transistor that is used to set the output voltage. In this way, we can derive virtually any output voltage within the output range.

This DC/DC converter intellectual property is part of Ridgetop’s InstaCell™ library of analog/mixed signal design blocks.


  • Wide range of DC input levels supported: 1.5 to 15 V
  • User-selectable regulated output voltage range of 2 to 6 V
  • Advanced, reconfigurable, 99% efficiency low-power supply
  • For use in many portable applications requiring long battery life
  • Field-programmable inductorless DC/DC design
  • Initial design for XFAB XC06 0.6 μm –available in other processes
  • Switched-capacitor converter serves applications below 200 mA of current

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