Digital to Analog Converters

Ridgetop Group offers a range of digital-to-analog converter (ADC) intellectual property (IP) blocks, including radiation-hardened blocks. Architectures includes delta-sigma and current steering.

RG16100: DAC 16-BIT, 100 KSPS, TSMC 250 NM IP CORE


Ridgetop’s audio DAC uses delta-sigma architecture. As shown in the illustration above, the DAC uses a digital interpolation filter, a digital second-order delta-sigma modulator, and a 32-tap analog reconstruction filter FIR. A fourth-order modulator is available to decrease oversampling ratio if the application requires. Applications for this core include audio commercial electronics, industrial control, and automotive.

Features and Benefits

  • 16 bits of resolution (14-bit accuracy)
  • 100 KSps sampling rate
  • Second-order digital delta-sigma modulator
  • TSMC 250 nm mixed-signal process
  • 3.0-3.6 V analog supply voltage
  • 2.25-2.75 V digital supply voltage
  • Area 0.8 mm2
  • Signal-to-noise: 94 dB at 50 kHz
  • Signal-to-noise and distortion: 92 dB at 50 kHz Input

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