MEMS Technology at Ridgetop

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) is a revolutionary method of achieving high sensitivity sensors with very small footprints. The main idea is to use semiconductor etching processes to create complex mechanical structures that can sense mechanical signatures, and transform them to electronic form for processing. With Ridgetop’s unique blend of microelectronics design capabilities and precision sensing expertise, the firm is well-positioned for complex MEMS design programs. Ridgetop has been awarded R&D Contracts from organizations such as NASA, Defense Microelectronics Agency (DMEA) and the Naval Air System Command for highly specialized measurement requirements. Please contact Ridgetop for additional information.

MEMS Accelerometer

Ridgetop Group has leveraged its work on several related DOD and NASA contract awards to develop a first silicon prototype of an integrated MEMS capacitive accelerometer on a CMOS die. The innovative low temperature MEMS deposition post-processing step lowers the cost of development as no changes to the CMOS process flow are required.


MEMS accelerometer

The sensor is part of the broader development plan for a generic sensor interface chip (GSIC) architecture that is able to accept input from a variety of transducers. The chip comprises smart sensor interface with on-chip signal conditioning, analog-to-digital conversion, data reduction and digital signal processing (DSP), and wireless connectivity.

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