nanoDFM™ Foundry-Independent Tools for Yield Improvement

The success of nano-level integrated circuits depends on the integration of advanced methodologies throughout the entire semiconductor process development cycle. Ridgetop Group’s nanoDFM product suite provides that level of integration, to combat yield losses stemming from process-related and design-related problems. nanoDFM improves the reliability of emerging nanolevel processes for fabless and fab manufacturers.

The interaction between design and manufacturing, particularly as it relates to yield and reliability, extends beyond on-site measurements and design simulations alone. Ridgetop’s nanoDFM technologies apply advanced and patented in-situ test structures and iterative improvements. By providing performance metrics and electrical testing, useful lifetime is increased and yields improved. To do this, the most sensitive circuits must be identified as well as the mechanisms likely to have negative effects.

InstaCell design flow

nanoDFM die-level process monitor design flow

The PDKChek™ library of DLPM blocks and the YieldMaxx™ software visualization tool are members of the nanoDFM product family.


YieldMaxx Visualization Software

Features and Benefits

  • Mismatch measurement of threshold voltage (VT)
  • Nano-level (sub-90 nm) measurement of feature size transistors
  • Mismatch measurement of resistance and capacitance
  • Die-to-die variation analysis
  • Long-term reliability and variation analysis
  • Extensibility
  • Digital output (option)

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