PDKChek™ Foundry-Independent Die-Level Monitor

Ridgetop’s PDKChek measures die-level process-induced variations, both random and systematic, in MOS transistor threshold voltage (VT), resistance, capacitance, and turn on/off current. PDKChek is an unobtrusive, stand-alone IP block designed to accurately and precisely measure the variation in parameters resulting from the randomness inherent in die manufacturing and processing. PDKChek, along with the YieldMaxx™ visualization tool, is part of the nanoDFM™ product line.


PDKChek IP Block

The PDKChek IP block provides circuit designers with independent verification data to improve the accuracy of process design margins, increase process yield, expedite problem resolution (design- or process-related), reduce design iterations (duration and frequency), and enable shorter time to market.


PDKChek layout

PDKChek allows for faster testing than traditional scribe-line transistors. Testing can take place before or after packaging the die. Die-level testing takes advantage of test structures and bonding pads that are already present on the die, so there is no additional error introduced by the contact resistance of a probe station.

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