YieldMaxx™ Die-Level Process Monitor Visualization

What is YieldMaxx?

  • Advanced design-for-manufacturing (DFM) tool for fabless semiconductor firms.
  • Patented, die-level structures provide precision, on-die measurements of key performance parameters, including threshold voltage (VT), resistance, capacitance and on-current variations.
  • Complements PDKChek™ test structure and software solution for displaying device mismatch.
  • Independent solution provides framework for foundry-to-foundry comparisons.
  • Prevents costly probe damage from conventional measurement methods.
  • Part of the nanoDFM™ product line.

Graphical Utility (YieldMaxx)

The YieldMaxx software provides visual indications of device mismatch parameters, as shown below:


YieldMaxx screen- click to enlarge

Test Structure Portion (PDKChek)

  • Die-level, in-situ test structure that occupies minimal silicon area.
  • Patent-protected, stand-alone, proprietary IP block that measures die-level process-induced variations.
  • Measures MOS transistor threshold voltage (VT), resistance, capacitance, and turn on/off current.
  • Die-level testing takes advantage of test structures and bonding pads that are already present on the die, so there is no additional error introduced by the contact resistance of a probe station.
  • Layout on the die along with the host circuit.
  • Designed to extract electrical measurements from several test devices (transistors, resistors, capacitors).

GDS II layout of PDKChek

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