Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (TDDB) Die-Level Reliability Monitor

The Ridgetop TDDB prognostic cell is a pad-limited CMOS leakage detection cell. It is part of the Sentinel Silicon™ library of prognostic (“canary”) cells.

Its unique and proprietary architecture behaves as an early-warning “sentinel” of upcoming gate oxide failure. The amount of pre-warning is dependent on the prognostic distance, which depends on the area and the stress voltage.

The Ridgetop TDDB prognostic cell is designed to be co-located with the host circuit and subjected to the same environmental stresses. These environmental stresses contribute to aging of the circuit and can include over- and under-voltage conditions, transient spikes, radiation exposure, humidity, and excessive temperature conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Alerts upcoming gate oxide failure condition due to TDDB
  • Consumes approximately 600 microwatts of power
  • Efficient size at 500 μm2 at the 0.13 micron process size
  • Scalable using design equation
  • Detects both hard and soft breakdowns

TDDB layout – click to enlarge

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