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At Ridgetop Group Inc., our foundation rests on engineering innovation of the highest caliber. We commit ourselves to delivering products of impeccable quality, adhering rigorously to set timelines and exacting customer requisites. Our organization reveres each member of our team, valuing their contributions and fostering an environment of continuous self-improvement. 

By nurturing personal and professional growth, we not only elevate our employees but also refine our products and processes. The essence of our success lies in the collective responsibility and dedication of our workforce. It is only through their unwavering commitment that Ridgetop Group sustains profitability and propels growth. Guided by this principle, we steadfastly pursue engineering excellence, creating a unified path toward innovation.

Product Spotlight

Developed by Idaho National Laboratory and exclusively distributed by Ridgetop Group, the Advanced Electrolyte Model (AEM), is an innovative molecular simulation tool that revolutionizes electrolyte chemistry optimization. This proven software solution serves as a virtual laboratory, providing researchers with an extensive toolkit for exploring and fine-tuning genome-level electrolyte properties. With each run, AEM generates an impressive array of over 100 property metrics, enabling battery scientists to gain unparalleled insights into electrolyte behavior.

The Adaptive Remaining Useful Life Estimator (ARULE) is a powerful predictive analytics kernel and reasoner that determines key prognostic quantities such as Remaining Useful Life (RUL), State-of- Health (SoH), and Prognostic Horizon (PH) of complex systems. Each of these prognostic estimates are determined by processing arbitrary types of condition based feature data as a means to provide an early warning indicator for maintenance personnel to schedule service prior to a user defined threshold for functional failure at the system level.

CellSage is an advanced battery health modeling, simulation, and analysis software tool developed by over 15 years of research at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory and Ridgetop Group. This patented and groundbreaking solution is vital for battery integrators, manufacturers, and researchers seeking to optimize investments in new battery designs across various applications. Providing unprecedented insights, CellSage not only improves battery system efficiency and lifespan but also keeps your battery R&D at the forefront of the rapidly evolving energy storage technology landscape.

Sentinel Motion™ is an IoT-based sensor system designed for monitoring mission-critical equipment, capable of observing various combinations of temperature, linear, rotatory, or vibrational force. Originally developed for helicopter gearbox systems, this innovative technology has been adapted for industrial IoT applications. Comprising a wireless network of RotoSense™ smart sensors, the Sentinel Gateway communications device, and the Sentinel MotionView software package, this system enables continuous remote monitoring with automated alerts for abnormal operating conditions.

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