About Ridgetop Group

Ridgetop Group, Inc., headquartered in Tucson, AZ, is a prominent engineering and technology firm specializing in advanced solutions such as Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM), Prognostic Health Management (PHM), and Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM). Since its establishment in 2000, Ridgetop has been a global leader in developing hardware and software solutions, IP libraries, and design services for mission-critical applications operating in challenging environments, including aerospace, defense, transportation, energy, and industrial sectors.

The company’s offerings are designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and operational performance while simultaneously reducing maintenance and sustainment costs. Ridgetop achieves this through innovative products and technologies, applying modularity to ensure flexibility and expedited deployment across diverse market segments.

Ridgetop maintains a strong presence in the market, participating in commercial and government trade shows such as the IEEE International Test Conference, Machine Failure Prevention Technology (MFPT), IEEE AUTOTESTCON, and Defense Tech Connect. The company has a well-established global sales network, featuring an extensive product catalog with an emphasis on precision instrumentation for engineering laboratories and production facilities worldwide.

Supported by a robust management team and a world-class technical staff with credentials from leading firms such as IBM, Bell Labs, Honeywell, and Texas Instruments (formerly Burr-Brown), Ridgetop has built a stellar reputation for delivering “best in class” solutions. The company also maintains strong ties with leading universities, fostering collaboration to develop new and advanced techniques for tackling complex problems.

Quality Policy

At Ridgetop Group Inc., our foundation rests on engineering innovation of the highest caliber. We commit ourselves to delivering products of impeccable quality, adhering rigorously to set timelines and exacting customer requisites. Our organization reveres each member of our team, valuing their contributions and fostering an environment of continuous self-improvement. By nurturing personal and professional growth, we not only elevate our employees but also refine our products and processes. The essence of our success lies in the collective responsibility and dedication of our workforce. It is only through their unwavering commitment that Ridgetop Group sustains profitability and propels growth. Guided by this principle, we steadfastly pursue engineering excellence, creating a unified path toward innovation.

Ridgetop Group’s Quality Management System is compliant with the ISO:9001 and AS9100D standards for provision of engineering, research & development, electronic prognostics, and integrated circuit design.

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