Ridgetop Group is active in the community, providing educational and promotional information at venues around the world. Hard evidence of this is our busy calendar of webinars, industry conferences, and other events where Ridgetop will be represented with a booth or attendees in the next few months:

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Ridgetop Group will be exhibiting and attending:





2018 National Center for Manufacturing Services (NCMS) CTMA/DLA Partners Meeting

Richmond, Virginia
May 07-09, 2018







Ridgetop Group Encore Presentation of:

ProChek: Quality and Reliability Test and Measurement Solutions

Tucson, Arizona
May 23, 2018 at 10:00am (PST)

Procheck wafer level reliability characterization

Hans Manhaeve #2

Ridgetop Group Encore Presentation of ProChek: Quality and Reliability Test and Measurement Solutions

Tucson, Arizona
May 23, 2018 at 10:00am (PST)

Come learn from the President and CEO of Ridgetop Europe, Dr. Hans Manhaeve.

Listen as Dr. Manhaeve discusses about Quality and Reliability Test and Measurement Solutions for your foundry solutions. Using a number of practical cases as a baseline, this webinar illustrates the benefits of fast and highly repeatable precision current measurements and presents measurement tools and solutions that support attaining those benefits

Learning Objectives

  • Understand measurement performance parameters and how to properly assess instrument specifications.
  • Learn how precise current measurements and related test methodologies can help weed out reliability risks and ensure reliably working circuits.
  • Learn about Q-Star Test™ modules that are deployed around the world across a wide variety of rapid precision current measurements in IC production test, characterization, qualification, and failure analysis applications.

Please click here for Ridgetop’s free webinar and also feel free to dial in using your phone:

United States: +1 (571) 317-3122 
Access Code: 376-762-293

We look forward to seeing you there!







Institute for Space and Defense Electronics

The mission of the Institute for Space and Defense Electronics (ISDE) is to contribute to the design and analysis of radiation-hardened electronics, the development of test methods and plans for assuring radiation hardness, and the development of solutions to system-specific problems related to radiation effects.

Ridgetop continues to pursue the best in rad-hardening technologies and providing the most up-to-date understanding on how our tools like ProChek and ProChek Plus will innovate 32nm to 14nm rad-effects investigations (SOI, bulk, FDSOI, FinFET, and planar technologies).

With recent successful projects finding synergism between TID, SEE, and thermal testing on certain devices, Ridgetop looks to the future for the best in Rad-hard-by-design (RHBD) techniques.

Nashville, Tennessee
May 17, 2018






Joint technology and Exchange Group: Circuit Card Test and Repair Conference

Computers and automation are everywhere today and their value to DoD’s productivity and efficiency are immeasurable. However, all of these computers and their components require inspection and sometimes repair or replacement to keep operating smoothly. Circuit card testing and repair involves the use of diagnostic troubleshooting tools and the development of high-quality diagnostic test routines.

Come listen to Ridgetop Group’s esteemed VP of Worldwide Operations, Craig Wentzel, as he discusses how NightHawk serves end users in a multitude of ways, including:

  1. As a robust database for modules and components that includes information ranging from schematics and layouts to hardware inventories and bill of materials (BOMs).
  2. As a multipurpose toolbox that uses advanced algorithms to detect hard to find anomalies conventional test program sets cannot identify that could indicate degradation and potential failure during mission critical actions.

Connect with Craig Wentzel at JTEG on May 29, 2018 and listen to him, and other speakers, provide a look at some of the newest technology and techniques that the industry professionals are addressing how the DoD community uses to help maintain DoD computers.

Listeners can also call-in, using the information below:

Call-in: 888-537-7715
Conference ID: 16161715#