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Prognostics and Diagnostic Answers

Ridgetop is aF-35 well-recognized pioneer in the development of advanced prognostic and diagnostic solutions, and offers powerful answers addressing aerospace applications. By understanding root causes of failure for ICs, cabling, systems and susbsystems, along with our background in physics-to-failure technologies, our continued service and product catalouge allows us to meet any challenge associated with prediction and failure.

Ridgetop ensures comprehensive prognostic-enabled systems that can be used in a wide variety of applications by addressing key issues, such as:

  • Precursor signatures or multivariate inputs from degraded systems
  • Historic and trending data for fine-tuned analysis
  • Factors like state-of-health and remaining useful life measured to generate prognostic metrics

How Ridgetop is Ready

DefenseWith Ridgetop’s Sentinel Suite™, designers can extract degradation signatures and calibrate sensitive software modules that can monitor module performance. As the modules degrade from aging effects or environmental stress, the embedded code can indicate the state of health (SoH) and remaining useful life (RUL) for the module, the NightHawk NFF Reduction Tool can isolate and identify hard-to-find ‘soft’ faults conventional TPS.  

Different Sensors for Different Needs in Aerospace: Understanding Harsh Environments

deep spaceRidgetop’s diagnostic technology addresses a wide variety of applications that range from physical degradation signatures such as vibrational/rotational and stress-and-strain to rad-hardened systems that serve in near-Earth, radiation environments.

Space-based systems require that the electronics be “hardened” against incident radiation effects, so Ridgetop offers rad-hardened intellectual property (IP) design blocks for high performance analog and mixed signal ICs as part of our InstaCell™ library. The Sentinel Silicon™ library consists of die-level “canary cells” that can notify the host system of impending failure due to radiation and intrinsic wear-out. Ridgetop has also performed studies on radiation effects and vulnerability assessments for its customers.

Ridgetop Provides Maintenance, Repair Overhaul

1-ppg-aerospaceRidgetop’s design processes are ISO9001- and AS9100C-compliant. In addition, Ridgetop has delivered DO-178-compliant designs for use in commercial aircraft. Ridgetop has assisted its aerospace customers by providing products, design services, training, and support.

With over 16 years experience delivering new technologies to system integrators, OEMs and government agencies, we have been able to identify and solve key challenges in a variety of electrical and electronic systems. Our technology reduces the frequency of No Fault Found (NFF) and Could Not Duplicate (CND) conditions, improving overall reliability and robustness while saving customers life-time maintenance costs, reducing equipment downtime and minimizing critical mission failure.

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