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Perhaps nothing is as crucial in our modern world as how we deal with energy and our environment. With the ever-accelerating rate of change in our technology, it is vital that we carefully manage our technical prowess to ensure that we are constantly improving the overall quality of life on Earth. Ridgetop is dedicated to providing underlying technologies that help make various energy technologies available to more people than ever while also helping to ensure that they are safe, well-controlled, efficient, and cost-effective.

Energy storage components such as fuel cells and lithium-ion battery technologies are being used for green power applications of the future. These intricate electrochemical devices have complex behaviors that affect the usage of the systems they power. Ridgetop has extensive experience in the design of advanced battery management systems to store and release energy for industrial systems. Ridgetop has received contract awards from NASA to create control electronics for advanced fuel cell power systems. We specialize in electronics for harsh, radiation-intense environments like space, and have proven radiation-hardened circuitry in our InstaCell™ library of analog / mixed signal integrated circuit building blocks.

For the oil and gas industry, Ridgetop draws upon its experience in critical systems to create solutions for drilling and exploration. Ridgetop has developed effective prognostic monitoring solutions using tools from our Sentinel Interconnect™ product line for undersea drilling rigs.

With renewable energy and alternative power development at the forefront of today’s technological landscape, Ridgetop Group has developed a host of solutions, based on our Sentinel Motion™ line of diagnostic and prognostic products, tailored  to the renewable and alternative energy segment. For applications such as wind power, solar power, and hybrid systems, the power conversion process requires the constant successful execution of intricate electrical connections, which can often be degraded at abnormal or unpredicted rates.

Variations in production quality, from board-level assembly even down to the silicon manufacturing process, can result in costly intermittencies, and in some cases even failure, costing operators time and money. Ridgetop Group’s prognostic product developments for hybrid vehicle and solar power supplies, using the Sentinel Power™ tool set, enable operators and providers of renewable-energy products to monitor and evaluate the state of health of the power modules in electric, hybrid, and fuel-cell vehicles.

Ridgetop is proud to have received a letter of support associated with Ridgetop’s work on Tucson Water’s solar power installation in Pima County, Arizona. In this application, Ridgetop prognostic-enabled a critical power inverter to monitor its performance. Upon detection of faults, immediate notification via email is sent to maintenance personnel to maintain power generation. For more information, please review Tucson Water’s letter of support.

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