The Advanced Electrolyte Model (AEM) developed by Dr. Kevin Gering at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and exclusively available through Ridgetop Group, is an innovative molecular simulation tool that revolutionizes electrolyte chemistry optimization. With over 100 property metrics generated in each run, it effectively acts as a virtual laboratory for exploring genome-level electrolyte properties. AEM’s extensive database encompasses more than 50 solvents and 30 salts, offering users a wealth of options while considering the consequences of their selections. Its scientific foundation is grounded in the Nonprimitive, Nonrestricted Associated form of the Mean Spherical Approximation (NPNRAMSA), further enhanced by an ion-solvation equation of state (IS-EOS) for precision in predictions. Predictions for many systems have average percent deviations with lab data that fall within 5-10%, with many conditions below 5% deviation. The model has been validated with scores of electrolyte systems over hundreds of unique conditions. Yet, AEM is more than a scientific tool; it is a catalyst for global change. By enabling a shift away from fossil fuels, it accelerates the adoption of electric vehicles and the deployment of grid-scale battery systems. In essence, AEM not only advances battery research but also propels us toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy future, making energy storage more efficient and cost-effective on a global scale. AEM is the engine driving the clean energy revolution, empowering the global battery R&D community with an evolving set of tools that help to shape a brighter, greener future, one optimized electrolyte at a time. AEM is an innovative beacon, leading us toward a cleaner and more efficient energy future, revolutionizing how we power our world!

About Idaho National Laboratory

As one of 17 national labs in the U.S. Department of Energy complex, Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is home to more than 5,700 researchers and support staff focused on innovations in nuclear research, renewable energy systems, and security solutions that are changing the world. From discoveries in advanced nuclear energy to carbon-free energy options and to protecting our nation’s most critical infrastructure assets, the talented team at INL is constantly pushing the limits to redefine what’s possible. To find out more information about INL visit their website at

AEM Applications

Technology Benefits

  • Accelerates battery development by quickly screening a wide array of materials for key properties, reducing time-to-market for new battery designs
  • Provides a significant cost advantage compared to expensive empirical data collection techniques, reducing laboratory expenses for labor, analysis, and material requisition and disposal
  • Saves users significant time and resources, potentially translating to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars
  • Explores and reports with certainty and clarity on molecular-to-macroscale level aspects of electrolyte behavior, removing the guesswork in electrolyte qualification for specific applications

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