Developed by Dr. Kevin Gering at Idaho National Laboratory and exclusively distributed by Ridgetop Group Inc., we are excited to introduce the new Arbitrarily Chosen Chemical Compounds (ACCC) Module for the Advanced Electrolyte Model (AEM). This innovative software enhancement extends AEM’s capabilities as a leading molecular simulation tool for electrolyte optimization during the battery R&D phase. This new module allows users to customize the AEM library by adding their own salts and solvents, drawing parallels to the chemistry import feature in CellSage. With the ACCC Module, users can upload specific input parameters and baseline testing data to integrate new salts, solvents, and other compounds in their AEM simulations. The ACCC Module supports an impressive range of functions:
  • Users can include up to 10 ACCC solvents in a single simulation, either exclusively or alongside non-ACCC solvents.
  • Solvents designated as ACCC are flagged in the output files for easy identification.
  • The module accommodates a mixture of ACCC and regular library compounds within simulations, ensuring seamless integration and flexibility.
This module is anticipated to significantly broaden the research and development capabilities of AEM users, fostering greater innovation and customization in electrolyte system design. This is particularly valuable for advancing battery technology and other clean energy solutions. The release of the ACCC Module is expected in the coming weeks, further solidifying AEM’s role as a catalyst in the global shift towards sustainable energy. Webinar is scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 10 AM PT (5:00 PM UTC). Can’t make the Webinar? Enter your contact information below and a Ridgetop Group Representative will get in touch to share the recorded slides and video.

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