Sentinel Power™ – Diagnostic and Prognostic Tools for Power Systems

jet engineSentinel  Power  is  a  product  line  that  includes power signature monitoring sensors, prognostic reasoners, and a visualization tool. It is part of the Sentinel Suite family of prognostic and health management (PHM) solutions.

Power systems may wear out and cause catastrophic failures in the system they are designed to enable. Fortunately, even as a power system is still performing within nominal limits, it may exhibit tell-tale signs of degradation. Such signatures are extracted and processed by Sentinel Power in order to provide advance warning of impending failure, actionable maintenance data to help eliminate system disruption while also avoiding unnecessary maintenance events.


SMRT Probe 4000™: The Sentinel Power product line  features the SMRT Probe 4000 . This sensor, based on Ridgetop’s patented RingDown™ technology, provides the signature waveforms necessary for advanced diagnostics and prognostics for power systems. As a “smart sensor”, it generates data that can be immediately processed for PHM analysis without any further data conditioning or filtering.


ARULE™: Ridgetop’s patented Adaptive Remaining Useful LIfe Estimator™ (ARULE) calculates a system’s state of health (SoH) and remaining useful life (RUL). It accepts waveform data directly from SMRT Probe sensors or, with a customized Sentinel Power data conditioner, from other suitable sensors.


Sentinel PowerView™: PowerView is a visualization tool to display data collected by the sensor and to monitor changes in performance.


Together the Sentinel Power line can help you reduce the cost of maintenance for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Power converters and inverters
  • Power supplies
  • Electronic drivers and stages
  • Heating elements, such as those of aerospace total air temperature (TAT ) probes

Product Configuration

Sentinel Power product line includes the Sentinel Power Development Kit, for creating new applications using Sentinel Power technology, as well as the individual products mentioned above: SMRT Probe 4000, ARULE, and Sentinel PowerView.

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