New Sentinel Motion Pilot Study Announcement with Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad and Innovative Operations Technology

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Ridgetop Group Announces New Sentinel Motion Pilot Study with Reading Blue Mountain and Northern (RBMN) Railroad and Innovative Operations Technology (IOT)

Tucson, Arizona, April 10, 2023

Ridgetop Group, Inc. (Ridgetop) and Innovative Operations Technology (IOT) are excited to announce a joint pilot study program with Reading Blue Mountain and Northern (RBMN) Railroad in Port Clinton, PA. Together, Ridgetop and IOT are testing and evaluating the latest design upgrades for Ridgetop’s Sentinel Motion for Rail technology. This innovative on-board monitoring technology utilizes the Internet-of-Things to connect wireless smart sensors to a complete data acquisition and diagnostics software platform that monitors bearings, wheels, and track conditions in the railroad industry. Sentinel Motion offers substantial benefits when compared to traditional wayside hot-box detection systems that only detect failure modes after they have already occurred. Ridgetop’s approach to use onboard monitoring, cloud connectivity, and advance vibration analysis methods has been proven to detect wheel and bearing failures well in advance and can help prevent catastrophic derailments.

Through this pilot study program, Ridgetop and IOT are planning to demonstrate how Sentinel Motion can be used to support the transition from reactive or preventative maintenance to Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) based on physical evidence of degradation. Such information, diagnostics, and alerts can be easily integrated into other software platforms, and complements both companies’ commitment to providing railroad operators with new technologies that improve safety, maintenance, and operational readiness of their rail assets.

Click here to find out more information on the product application page and get in contact with a Ridgetop Group Representative.